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Xuan Kong Da Gua 三元玄空大卦

  • A refine and assurance of Xuan Kong Flying Star System.
  • Why some houses 6 8 door with water do not work?
  • Ability in tapping the right Qi from the environment.
  • Ability of evading the negative Qi from the environment.
  • What is the implication and application of Periods star?
  • By understand the 0.9375° (384 Yao) of the Luopan.
  • Water & Mountain in 2 Yuan 8 Periods and its derivation.
  • Fu Yin & Fan Yin of Hexagrams in various periods.
  • Mid Heaven Bagua & Bagua Najia for Hexagram.
  • Tian Yuan Dragon, Ren Yuan Dragon & Di Yuan Dragon.
  • Ling Shen & Zhen Sheng Of 64 Hexagrams.
  • Which Period star for immediate wealth effects and its duration.
  • How to apply the Hexagram Period star for external & Internal.
  • How to tilt the door to control the good Incident of occurrence.
  • What is outgua of individual house external environment.
  • How to apply on internal and external sectors of the residential.
  • How to control any person whom want to benefit most (using only 0.9375 degree).
  • Name of 64 Hexagrams (I-Ching).
  • The meanings of 64 hexagrams (I-Ching).
  • The ultimate of Yin & Yang of application in Luopan (360 degrees).
  • With a complete full 190 pages text with information examples and practical for Yin Grave & Yang Fengshui…..


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